We are committed with your safety!


We are committed with your safety!

At Enjoy Limo Service, the health and safety of our clients is always our top priority. Due to the growing concern of the Coronavirus, we wanted to share our cleaning and sanitation procedures in our vehicles. Enjoy Limo Service has always led the industry in every way, including cleaning procedures of our vehicles.

Our vehicles go through a cleaning and sanitation process each and every night. From the outbreak of the virus, we have instructed our in-house detailing staff to incorporate additional steps to ensure the vehicle's interior/exterior door handles, climate control/radio knobs and railings (of applicable vehicles) be cleaned with a MRSA preventive cleanser. We have also equipped each vehicle with disinfectant wipes, along with hand sanitizers to allow the chauffeur to wipe down passenger seats and door handles in-between trips.

The CDC recommends these everyday preventive actions to avoid the spread of respiratory disease:

Wash your hands frequently

Distance yourself from those who are coughing or sick

Use the hand sanitizer as many times as you can during the day (it will be available in all our vehicles)

Enjoy AC Recirculation

Vehicle's A/C interior airflow control will not be set to recycled.

Enjoy Face Mask

All our drivers will be wearing masks.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is available in all our vehicles.


Des-infecting wipes are available in all our vehicles.